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There are three assignment requested, sorry this might be very long, the first one is a response paper, the instructions for the first one is below. 

The question I choose is Question 6: How did the French Revolution shape emerging partisan politics during the 1790s?


You must use class lecture notes and the assigned readings to answer the question. You may draw upon the further readings section if you wish, but you must NOT use ANY sources external to the class for this assignment.


For the purpose of this paper, you do not need to cite class lecture notes: They are part of the common knowledge of the class. You should use the endnote function of your word processor for class readings according to the Chicago Manual of Style. The endnotes do not count towards your page limit.


Your paper must be written in 12 point, Time New Roman font and double-spaced with standard margins.

The header of your paper must follow this format: 

Thomas Jefferson
History 314

Question 1: Title of My Excellent Paper

Any paper deviating from these formatting rules will receive a 5% reduction. Sources are below 

Alexander Hamilton to Lafayette, October 6, 1789 

Alexander Hamilton, “Memorandum on the French Revolution” (1794) 

Alexander Hamilton, “The Defence No. 1,” July 22, 1795 

Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, May 9, 1789 

Thomas Jefferson to Willam Short, January 3, 1793 

Thomas Jefferson to John Breckinridge, January 29, 1800  

The second assignment requested would be below, a research paper that is the research paper where it is broken into four parts, I have done the first part already.  RESEARCH PAPER- you would have to do it in four separate documents, thee parts of research part, then a final paper developed from the three parts, one part per document. Please do part two and part three and the final paper. 

The Era of the American Revolution continues to resonate in 21st Century politics. Politicians and political activists frequently invoke the authority of the Founders to support their particular agenda in the present. Please do a quote from Thomas Jefferson 

For a brief introduction to the use and abuse of the Founders, you can listen to this interview with Dr. Hatter on Spokane Public Radio: 

You will write a short research paper (2,000 to 2,500 words) that will explore and evaluate an example of quoting (or misquoting) the Founders in 21st Century politics.

To help you research and write your paper, you will first complete three small assignments: 

Part I: Identify an example of quoting the Founders in the 21st Century from a newspaper, blog, other related media.

Part II: Identify primary sources that allow you to explore the validity of the quote and what the Founders may actually have written your chosen example.

Part III: Identify secondary sources that will help you understand how scholars have interpreted the Founders writings on your chosen example

Part 4 : final paper 

Research Paper Proposal Part 1- 

Quote: Thomas Jefferson “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal…” This is written by Thomas Jefferson during Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776 Source: Blog, Library of Congress  

The declaration of independence was a critical occasion that occurred in his life, where in spite of the fact that he endeavored to get back to Virginia to assist with composing the state’s constitution, the congress ultimately designated him to the board to draft the announcement of freedom. This quote Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, expresses that all men are made equivalent, all human should be equivalent, having the agree to make a conservative government, have a similar equivalent poise and having equivalent status under the law. He used this quote to explain the equality every human being should have, without any condition, and equality should be the basic rights human should have. 

Part 2 

Part II: Identifying Primary Sources.

In Part I, you identified a quote, or the invocation of an idea, from a Founder that was used in an article, blog, or other form of 21st Century Media. For this brief assignment, you will find primary sources that will allow you assess what the cited Founder might actually have written about the subject invoked in the media post.

Online – I hope that you all realize that not everything on the Internet is true. Nevertheless, bona fide institutions, such as the Library of Congress and the National Archives of the United States, do provide digital access to thousands of pages of primary sources relating to the Founders. These are sometimes searchable. Sometimes you can access typed transcriptions of these writings. Other times, you can only access digital copies of the handwritten records.

For this assignment, you need to submit the following in a Word document:

1. A full citation to the primary source you have identified that relates to the media quote you found in Part I. E.g. if you found a Jefferson quote, then you need to find a Jefferson primary source.

2. A citation to ONE specific document in the edited volume or online collection that you just cited above that relates directly to the subject of the media quotation you identified in Part I. E.g. you found a media reference to Jefferson’s opinion on the legitimacy of political violence. The specific document you find needs to something that Jefferson wrote about the legitimacy of political violence.

3. A short paragraph explaining the connection between the media reference from Part I and the document you have found as part of this assignment. E.g. the media referenced Jefferson’s support for political violence. This letter from Jefferson to William Short from 1793 shows that he supported the violence of the Terror in the cause of liberty.

Part 3 

Identify secondary sources that will help you understand how scholars have interpreted the Founders writings on your chosen example. along with A short paragraph explaining the connection between both medias found from part 1&part 2 to part 3. 

Part 4 is the final research paper, using those primary and secondary sources to do the final paper.  

The other assignment is a newsletter article, instructions are below 

Description: A newsletter flyer is one means of sharing information with individuals and families on a more informal basis, yet still providing appropriate and credible information. For this assignment, students will write a newsletter/flyer for a specified audience. This project is designed to offer students an opportunity to 1) write an informative and interesting paper, 2) apply what they have learned from the course, 3) practice integrating theory, research, and application and 4) practice writing professional information for an informal audience. 

***Since this is an M-Courseyou can rewrite this paper to earn back up to half of the points lost.  To be eligible for the rewrite, you must have turned the paper in on time (you cannot earn back “late” points). If you are given the chance to rewrite the paper, you must turn in one week after you receive edits.  Please talk with your instructor if you have questions.

Choose an Audience: Please write to an audience that interests you!

Choose a target population such as children in foster care, low-income children and families, a single parent mom with children, a family with young children, middle age children, or with teenagers, an older couple approaching retirement, a widow who is living on social security income, LatinX youth who are considering higher education, anyone who might be going to college, first generation college students, etc.

Author’s name as the editor

Task: Select a topic for your newsletter – focus on one or two topic that are appropriate for or of interest to the population/audience you selected.  Remember the focus of this class – resource management.  Think about management issues your target audience might face. Please talk with your instructor if you have questions.

Research the topic.

Select one theory identified in your text or that you have learned in other
classes that is appropriate for the topic. Explain this theory and its usefulness
for your topic. Think about Family Systems theory, Economic Theory, or maybe
Social Interaction Theory, as these seem to apply to most topics.

Briefly describe who your target audience is (1-2 short paragraphs). This is
essentially a summary of this audience.  Think about adding statistics or other useful information to establish the need, etc.

Synthesize the information from your resources into a variety of headings. Add
a few pictures and/or graphics to break up the space. Remember to write for your audience (not for me, who is doing the grading). This is not a research
paper in a different format. This is information that you might find at a doctor’s
office, DSHS, Community Action Center, etc., that is written for an audience
that might include a “family”. Consider the following headings:  What We Know About… (include theoretical perspective), Advice From the Experts…, Myths Related to…, etc.

Your newsletter MUST Include the following two headings:

Resources for Further Information: include at least 3 resources (not the references you used for your paper!)

References: use proper formatting to reference your in-text citations (at least 4 total, at least 1 scholarly, peer reviewed journal article)

Using the above guidelines, put together an attractive and informative newsletter.  Word and Canva both have free templates you could use for your newsletter. Here would be a rubric for the newsletter article attached. Above all assignments are very important assignments that I need to pass for my grades, please do your best. Please do the newsletter first as it is due on Sunday April 7th 10am pullman time. I am so sorry for the long descriptions. 

human development newsletter

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